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Our Motto

Striving for model Islamic education and character building of the students to leave the nation in future.


Jamia Islamia Jadeedah was established in April 2000 is working under this Trust providing general as well as Islamic education including Hifz-e-Quran.  Primary pass students are admitted in eleven years Islamic study course at jamia Islamia jadeedah leading to graduation in English and Master in Arabic/Islamic studies. At present we have three classes. Students are admitted in 6th class every year we are also conducting hifz-e-quran classes for the last 10 years, too. This institution is affiliated with Rabita-tul-Madaris Al-Islamia Pakistan (Islamic Educational Board) which is recognised/ approved by Higher Education Commission, Govt of Pakistan.


All  the students are provided free education and medical facilities while the deserving poor and orphan students are also provided free lodging boarding and clothing .


Jamia is consist of four blocks.  We have already completed Abubakar, Umar, Usman, and Ali   Blocks of Jamia Islamia Jadeedah



Our Mushtaqs Islamic library room was built with generous donations of Mr. B.A Tariq Mushtaq of Birmingham U.K. it will be equipped and developed properly in future. 


Ambulance service:  Trust is also providing ambulance service on confessional rate to the needy people.


Faisal Masjid Vehari


Jamia Islamia Jadeedah have beautifully constructed in 1980 Faisal Masjid cost around 8 millions pak rupees with ladies gallery for the prayers and other programmes for boys and girls Quran classes.


Special attention is paid for the building of  character and Ikhlaq along with the building of disciplines free from favouritism and rationality continuing the standardized Islamic education according to superior Islamic values among the students in fasial mosque and attached jamia islamia’s Islamic environment.

Jamia Khadija-tul-Kubra

For providing quality Islamic Education and Hifz-e-Quarn to the girls/women, an independent Institution namely “Jamia Khadija-tul-Kubra” is also working under the Trust at a separate location. The major part of  the building of Jamia Khadija-tul-Kubra is also under construction.


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Student Information year 2018-19

Total No of student's at all 3 Madrasa

(boys 330)  and (Girls 120)


Resident at Madrasa  students with free boarding, lodging and clothing  provided by the Al-Khidmat Trust

235 Boys and 35 Girls


No of Students in Hafiz-e-Quran Class:

Boys 240 and Girls  35


Islamic Studies and Modern education Students 

90 Boys

Girls Students for Hafiz-e-Quran / Quran Classes

(independent Separately run Project) Jamia Khadija-tul-Kubra”



Banker A/C Details.


Al-Khidmat Trust.


A/C No.: 1000558

Bank Code: 0489

Bank Name:  MCB,

Main Branch Vehari, (61100),

Punjab, Pakistan

Jamia Islamia Jadeedah


A/C No.: 6142-0

Bank Code: 0489

Bank Name:  MCB,

Main Branch Vehari, (61100),

Punjab, Pakistan

Al-Khidmat Trust Vehari, Punjab, Pakistan is a registered charity in Vehari under Reg Ref No: R/VR/S/24 which is currently running different projects in the fields of education, health, community development and social welfare


Al-Khidmat Trust Vehari Projects:

  •  Jamia Islamia Jadeedah” (for Boys only)

  •  Jamia Khadija-tul-Kubra” (for Girls only)

  •  Fasial Masjid Vehari

  •  Al-Khidmat Ambulance Service

  •  Madina Masjid

  •  Jamia Tafeez-ul-Quran (for Boys only)

  •  Al-Khidmat Zafar Memorial Children Hospital ( Under Construction )

  • Administration

Ch. Muhammad Tufail Warrich

President / Chairman

Al-Khidmat Trust (Registered) Vehari

Syed Javed Shah

Secretary Executive Committee

Dr. Muhammad Iqbal

Mob: 0775 77 99 146 (UK)

Founder: Chairman:  Jamia Islamia Jadeedah, Vehari

Al-Khidmat Trust (Registered) Vehari

Founder member, UK Islamic Mission GB

Roa Farman Ali Kawsor

Secretary of Jamia Committee

Jamia Islamia Jadeedah

and Faisal Masjid


Jamia Tahfeez-ul-Quran


under construction


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Contact:    Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, (Chairman & Raees Al-Jamia06733-62219 / (Web Mail )

Faisal Mosque, Fasial Town, Vehari (61100), Punjab, Pakistan,  Tel: 0092-6733-63362    Fax:0092-6733 65216  Home

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